Returning to blogging

It appears that I have not written anything anywhere since September 2016. Prior to that my blogging output had shrank from a decent flo,w, about 4 years ago to a mere trickle due to the fact that my professional life required more and more attention and time. However, something else happened shortly after my latest post which required my undivided attention and care: together with my wife we had the great fortune to welcome our first child into the world. Understandably, that became a priority that took over everything else. 🙂

However, now that it’s been a year and that he is starting kindergarten, I’m going to start having a little bit more time on my hands. Not too much. Just a little bit. Particularly in the mornings, so I’ll be able to post again a bit more now and then. Sometimes it’ll be short and about whatever I’ve been doing or thinking about. Other times, I’ll take several days to put down more complete ideas. The tone is not going to be purely academic, historic, economic, political or finance-y, because those are not the only things I think about, but I suspect they’ll make up a nice chunk of what I’ll be writing about as those are things that do tend to occupy my mind most of the time. Nevertheless, this website will become more of a daily life blog than the sort of exploration of my intellectual preoccupations I had initially intended because that’s just a little bit pretentious and time-consuming, both of which are things I’ve recently realised and am trying to address.

Moreover,  I should mention is that I will do most of this posting here. I have plans to automate quarterly posts about the ECB and the Euro-zone and to publish those at Place du Luxembourg because they’d be relevant there. But until that automation is done, I’ll focus on doing things here.

Finally, I should mention that my motivation for blogging remains the same. I’ve been writing for a living for several years. I enjoy it and to an extent I’ve realised that writing things down helps me sort out my thought about whatever it is I’m thinking about. Putting the characters on the screen forces me to be a little bit clearer and more honest about my thoughts and re-reading myself forces me to be a little bit more critical about what I might have originally thought was just obviously true. Ultimately, I blog for my own sake to just get this stuff off my chest and out of my system without becoming an enormous bore to those around me. The internet being what it is, hopefully others might come across this and enjoy it. Others might not. That’s fine. I’ve long stopped chasing clicks. 🙂

Bearing this in mind, have a good day and see you around.



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