Non-PhD Projects

I tend to get distracted with random thoughts and ideas throughout the day. It’s not something I do on purpose. I just tend get lost and go off on tangents all the time. Inevitably I realised 2 things happened:

  1. I tend to bore people around me with this stuff, which is ok for me because people around me tend to be polite and indulge me, but you know, it’s not nice for them.
  2. I noticed that I tend to waste time thinking about stuff I’ve already figured out for myself because every time I’d go off on one of those tangents I never kept track of where I had ended up at.

So, to fix this problem, and because the likelihood of the internet crashing is substantially lower to that of my computer crashing, I decided to start scribbling this stuff online and saving it there. This had the added benefits that it gave me the opportunity to practice writing and that it might be of interest to others.

  • Place du Luxembourg – This website was the source of the rest. It started out at the peak of the Euro-zone sovereign debt crisis as a way for me to vent my frustration, confusion, discoveries and hypotheses about what was going on and what I thought about Europe. It has had highs and lows in terms of activity and it has branched out on occasion towards tangential fields. Eventually, I decided to restrict it to solely European posts and moved the rest of the content around to somewhere else. That’s where this website and the ones below came in.
  • The Empires Project – While writing Place du Luxembourg, I started looking into the Roman Empire. Eventually, it turned into a very long and long-term project, with the goal of surveying and covering as many empires as possible. And it all started with a conversation in 2011.
    •  This project is particularly interesting because I hope it will allow me to apply social network analysis to the Roman Empire, which should be interesting. To that effect, the project should be quite interesting in so far as it will allow me to learn about social networks and their political economy use. To that effect, there should probably be a lot of crossover between the technical social network analysis learning I will do and publish on this website and the specific applications to the Roman Empire I will find and publish in the Empires Project. And then, who knows? – May be I’ll do that for other empires too. That’d be neat. (11/05/2016)
  • Enjoying Sweden – I moved to Stockholm, Sweden,  in May 2016. Since then I have been compiling thoughts, observations and ideas about Sweden which I publish under this heading. That blog is a little bit lighter and less technical than the rest, so it is likely to appeal to a whole other audience.
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