This is a website about economics, politics, sociology and whatever else crosses my mind that is not too personal for me to share. For many years and with various levels of regularity, I have been writing on European economic, political and financial affairs in another forum. With time, however, my interests started spreading outside of Europe and I started spending more time doing quanty things, which were not really relevant for that website or its audience.

Nevertheless, I wanted a platform that I could use as an online memory of ideas, codes and every-so-often analyses that made no sense to post elsewhere. I post it online because it tends to be a more efficient way to store content than to keep it on my computer, which inevitably and disparagingly crashes and loses all the content I saved, causing me minor cardiac issues.

I decided I needed a more general platform on which to store this information; one that was not about engaging with or in any way contribute to a public debate about any policy issues.  Some place where it would make more sense to talk about models, my struggles and successes with them and in general discuss more positive and perhaps abstract concepts (although perhaps arrogantly I do consider most of my views to be functionalist and positive in nature). And that’s what this is.

There’s really no particular focus, per se. The idea is that I’ll write about whatever I have been focusing on lately. By virtue of my background, experience, circle of friends and professional activity it is likely to be about social sciences, with a heavy bias towards economics, politics and finance, but if past experience is any guide, the only certainty is that it will change over time.

Hopefully, some of it will interest you as much as it interests me. If so,  and if you feel inclined to it, do let me know.

Wishing you all the best,



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